strengthen the belief in your heart

There is no other way to strengthen your inner belief of self than by doing the very thing that voice inside you says you can't.

What are you waiting for?

What do you truly long to experience?
What are your gifts?
How can you expand your gifts into the world?

Sit quietly for five minutes with pen and paper. Set the intention to connect to your creative soul with a willingness to hear the Truth. Take a deep breath, listen to you heart beating. Imagine your heart vibrant full of life, courage, inspiration and gusto. From the center of your heart imagine a sparkling white light that slowly radiates out to cover your entire body and fills the room you are in.

Now, write from your heart non-stop for three minutes using the following prompt:

What my heart really wants to say is...

Once the three minutes is complete, take a look at what you've discovered about yourself. Do you have some insight into the questions above? Writing into your heart connects you to your creative spark, your spirit - your soul. It is an excellent tool for self discovery. Writing generates the awareness and insight needed for you to cultivate confidence about the choices you are making to create your desired life. This is the meaning to that old age adage, everything you need is all ready inside of you, it is, you simply need to choose to practice listening from within in order to gain access to it.

How else can you discover your inner wisdom?

Like developing any new artistic skill it takes time and practice to master your medium. This exercise develops your inner skills,  hones your ability to practice the art of living and master your heart.

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