Inspirational Quote: Self-Belief

Believing in yourself is about realizing the following:

"...where your mind as personality has overridden the promptings of your Soul's true guidance. And second...putting the power of your choices in alignment with your deepest intentions." Meredith young-sowers

the path of least resistance

Your creative spirit is an intelligent being - it knows the best way for you to unravel into your dreams, the path of least resistance, how to make positive change and live the life calling inside you.

Today, begin to focus your attention on asking and listening for your spirit's input. Your creative spirit's voice can be heard within your inner whispers and the energy of inspiration. Taking action on your spirit's voice will yield the path of least resistance.

What is currently inspiring you? What have you been inspired to do now for a long time but haven't given yourself the gift of follow through?

When choosing to take action and before you cross off your to-do list, open to other possibilities and allow for changes in your routine, seek the path of least resistance as inspired by your creative spirit.

Next time you make a decision no matter how small stop, take a deep breath listen to your heart - ask for inner guidance...

Even if you choose to ignore your inner voice, write down what you perceive you've heard, in no time you'll have an archive, a library to your inner voice -- your spirit.

This small act, when preformed consistently, will bring to fruition deep fulfillment. It will give you the life you truly desire by connecting you to who you truly are.

the magic of follow through

There is no time like the present, there is only one life, one moment, right now. 

Caroline Myss once said, "Insisting that the external environment meet certain conditions before you are to become internally focused is itself a distraction."

What do you tell yourself must be done in order to take inspired action - to follow through on lingering ideas?

For example, do you tell yourself you'll exercise more when the weather turns warmer? Eat dinners with the family on a day when your favorite TV program isn't on? Take a long warm bath after you get new luxury bath soap because you want it to be special but never remember to buy it until that nagging idea comes around again? Does your body ask yourself to create time for a nap but then you decide to you spend three hours cleaning your home? Did you promise to make a date with yourself to see a weekend matinee movie only to miss it by running errands? or Have you been wanting to have a dinner party but keep putting it off because you haven't decorated the room as you'd like but then spend money on new shoes and a fall wardrobe, complaining you just don't have the money right now to complete your decor?

"Insisting that the external environment meet certain conditions before you are to become internally focused is itself a distraction." ~ Caroline Myss

How are you limiting yourself by focusing on these outward distractions of can't or not until... rather than listening from within, to your creative spirit, and taking inspired action?

The answer to this question will lead you to discover the very reason you have to experience your goals or dreams come true.

Following the voice of your spirit in a timely manner, despite [Blank insert put off] is what  brings a fulfilling life to fruition. It is the secret key as to why some seem to always receive what they put their mind to while others can barely get their feet off the ground.

Your ability to follow through, complete your ideas in a timely manner, determines just how thriving an artistic life you'll experience.

It' not magic, it's follow through.